Mon nom est Laurent BRONNER, je suis photographe. Je pratique la photographie depuis 20 ans. Je souhaite partager avec vous ma passion pour la photographie au cours d'une séance photo ou vous apprendre si vous le souhaitez, à l'aide d'une pédagogie ajustée, à réaliser de plus belles photos en maîtrisant votre appareil photo.



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My name is Laurent BRONNER, I am a photographer. I have been practicing photography for 20 years. I want to share with you my passion for photography during a photo shoot or you can learn if you want, using a pedagogy adjusted to make more beautiful photos by mastering your camera.
And my customers

What do they think?

Guy B.
Thank you Laurent. You knew how to popularize photography and make it accessible to everyone. You have a method of your own, a different approach and a unique talent. Guy B.
Jensen S.
Your photos is a thing of phew! We never know what to expect with you, sometimes live here but it is always a great satisfaction when we receive the photos. The class! Jensen S.
Sylvie G.
The first time we came with my daughter for her first photo shoot, we did not think about asking my husband and me. It was a beautiful experience. To renew next year. Sylvie G.